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The Gods of Times Square

The Gods Of Times Square, Richard Sandler

The Gods Of Times Square, Richard SandlerThe Gods Of Times Square was shot over a six year period that witnessed a radical transformation of Times Square. Gone now are the mom and pop stores, squeezed out by a real estate gold rush. Gone too are the colorful characters who made Times Square a “speaker’s corner”. Only the most strident of religious zealots remain to warn of “eternal sin.” The Gods of Times Square thus records a time in New York City history when the place most identified with free speech and the soul of New York, changed from a democratic, interracial, common ground to a corporate controlled soulless theme park. The former versions of Times Square offered it’s congregants a place to air their thoughts and blow off a little steam, to rant about God and race on the one hand or buy sex or porn at the other end of the Times Square spectrum. Now the choices are fewer, the prices are higher, and the “sin” is gone. The fabled “white way” now plays host to the newest of Gods: Mickey, Minnie and Goofy on one corner, Bugs Daffy and Porky on the other… Gods help Times Square! – Richard Sandler

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