Lomo Pixelated Polaroid SX-70 Poster


“I shoot, therefore I am” The perfect gift for a Polaroid Lomography medium format film aficionado & photographer…

Or as Descartes would have had to write it, Pingō ergo sum – “I paint therefore I am.” Nevertheless, the principle remains the same: capturing what we see proves our existence. “Capture” this fotoleague™ poster for the photographer or aficionado in your life, and celebrate a symbol of accessibility and experimental film photography: the Polaroid SX-70 instant camera.

Arguably one of the originators of the concept of “just point and shoot,” the collapsible Polaroid SX-70 was the first Polaroid model to ditch the drawn-out and complicated film developing process in favor of a simplified, clean and totally quick one. With that ease of use came a wave of experimental photography and image manipulation, laying the groundwork for the Lomography motto of the 1990s, “Don’t Think, Just Shoot.” Due to Polaroid’s court win over Eastman Kodak in the 1980s, the SX-70 remains one of the most famous instant cameras, and you can share in that exclusivity with your very own fotoleague™ poster!

Rendered in a retro-on-retro style of pixel art, the clean, sharp design of the SX-70 and its improvisational legacy are celebrated for the decades of photo experimentation that they represent. With illustration by Billy Brown and design by Markus Hartel, this fotoleague™ poster is available in Inkjet print on archival paper in two popular sizes.

Pixelated Polaroid Lomo Poster, Inkjet print on archival paper, choose from two popular poster sizes.
Camera illustration by Billy Brown, design & print by Markus Hartel.

Prints ships rolled up in sturdy postal tube. Posters are made to order and ship within three to five business days.

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M 12×16, L 18×24, XL 24×36


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