Lomo Pixelated Diana Poster


“I shoot, therefore I am” The perfect gift for a Diana Lomography medium format film aficionado & photographer…

Lomography is a type of photography in which color is emphasized. This was based around the odd cameras that Lomographische AG or simply, LOMO, produced back then. Their cameras were made of plastic and were poor technical cameras. These cameras were often regarded as “poorly” built and had light leaks, poor lens alignment, and other defects. The low-quality plastic lenses of their camera lenses produced a blurry effect. Though some may see this as a flaw, photographers did not hesitate to use this to their advantage.
One of the more popular Lomography cameras is the Diana. The Diana is a box camera that used 120 rollfilm and 35 mm film. The Diana has a simple plastic meniscus lens, originally meant to be an inexpensive novelty gift item. Its low-quality parts led to the camera producing soft focus, impressionistic photographs that can provide a ‘dreamlike’ quality to the print.
Here in fotoleagueTM, we believe that old school is cool. What better way to represent this than to reduce the camera to a vectorized, pixelated icon! These posters are available in multiple sizes to perfectly suit your wants and needs.

Pixelated Diana Lomo Poster, Inkjet print on archival paper, choose from two popular poster sizes.
Camera illustration by Billy Brown, design & print by Markus Hartel.

Prints ships rolled up in sturdy postal tube. Posters are made to order and ship within three to five business days.

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M 12×16, L 18×24, XL 24×36


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