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Around 1450, Gutenberg gave us the printing press… making information accessible to the masses. Since then, our methods of sharing information have evolved, though written materials remained the same: ink and paper

Finally technology has caught up to our ever expanding imaginations… and we can offer not just movable type, but a flexible format to convey our stories. By January of 2012, 19% of all adults in the US owned a tablet computer and that number is ever increasing.

Publication apps for tablets are not simply an alternative to print, but an opportunity to tell a multimedia story. They offer an encapsulated experience that incorporates text, photography, graphics, animation, audio and video, without the perpetual challenges and distractions of a traditional website. If done correctly, it becomes a perfect companion to a printed publication or an exclusive commodity on it’s own. And we know how to do it “correctly”.

At fotoleague, we have our feet cemented (or “firmly planted”) in a foundation of publication design and layout for print and our heads in the clouds of what is possible with this transformative medium. Almost 600 years later, we still move the type… we are just moving it off the page.

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