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Black-and-White Film Photography Workshop with Richard Sandler

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analog photography workshops with Richard Sandler

analog photography workshops with Richard Sandler

analog photography workshops with Richard Sandler

analog photography workshops with Richard Sandler

We all shoot digital for the obvious reasons, and digital photography is a lot more convenient than film photography, but you can learn a lot from the constraints of photographing with online gaming film. Besides, who doesn’t love the look of a film negative printed in the darkroom?

Richard Sandler will take you out in the streets of New York City’s East Village to work within the limits of film. You’ll go out to shoot a roll of film and head back into the LoL darkroom to develop and print your own black-and-white film.

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Appointments are made on a first come, first serve basis – payments must be received 72 hours before the scheduled event.

Gift certificates and small group specials available!

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analog photography workshops with Richard Sandler
Richard Sandler was born in New York City in 1946 to a Polish/Russian family of artsy American-Jewish intellectuals. He began photographing in Boston in 1977, and he knew right away that “the street” was his calling.
One month into shooting on the streets of Boston, Sandler took a workshop with Garry Winogrand, which solidified his resolve to become a photographer. Sandler quickly became a photojournalist to make a living, shooting picture stories and portraits for newspapers and magazines.

He moved back to New York City in 1980 and began a 12-year freelance career shooting almost daily for the New York Times and other publications.

Sandler began shooting documentary street videos and films about the
gentrifying urban environments of New York (and Los Angeles) in 1999:
“The Gods of Times Square” 1999
“Brave New York” 2004
“SWAY” 2006
“Everybody is Hurting” 2007
“Forever and Sunsmell” 2010
“Radioactive City” 2011

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